Gary Springer

Owner, Springer Associates PR

I was involved with the 2014 from "Addis To Cannes" project, and Daniel was one of the 5 filmmakers that was invited to participate at events in Monaco and at the Cannes Film Festival... As part of the program we viewed films they had made and/or were working on. Daniel's was extremely well made and captivating and in the short format was fully realized and impressive. Daniel has an ease and confidence about him which will help his work and his life go very far.

Monica Rorvik

Head of Film and Media Promotion at Wesgro

“Daniel is a great Talent who works to completion, and beyond with as close to perfection as possible. Enjoy his creative projects !”

Keith Bowers

International Broadcast Consultant and Teacher

“Daniel is a very talented and creative film-maker and editor. I worked with him on a couple of projects in Ethiopia and he showed great skill and ingenuity in his role as a picture editor. He loves discussing ideas and is bound to make a considerable contribution to the film-making scene in Canada.”

Kelemua (Hailemariam) Abera

Program Manager, Primary Care and Referral, GE Healthcare,Ethiopia

"Daniel is, quite simply, one of the best producers and creative collaborators. His honesty and integrity should be an example to everyone in the business. Daniel is, without doubt, one of the best producers I have ever worked with. I have worked with him on various documentary films.
Daniel is a talented hands-on producer who knows how to take an idea or a draft, develop it, and see it through to a completed film. Working with him is always a great experience!"